Next Song 1.3


Switch to the next song with volume buttons / rocker (works in the background!)

Next song is an application that let you change the current music played with the volume buttons (rocker) on your Android phone.

I use this application everyday so I can switch song even when my phone is in my pocket without having to unlock it or open the screen.

You only have to double-press the up or down volume key with an interval of 0.25 seconds with each press (like a double-click).

That way, you will be able to change the volume output and switch songs at the same time.

* This application works like a service, so it can work in the background while another application is running or when the phone is locked;

* Works with these music player :
* Default music player
** (new!)
* Power Amp
* Double Twist
* cubed (³)
* PlayerPro
* MIUI Music (new!)

If your default music player have a different name of these : or

Please contact me so I can add yours. You can check the package name in Settings > Applications > Running service (while music is playing).

Known issue :
- It cannot be used in the default navigation system because it seems that application block volume changes which I use to trigger the next song, sorry!;

Your feedback is appreciated!
YOu can contact me with this email

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OS:Android 2.1 and up